How Accurate Are Home Cholesterol Tests?

Many people will purchase home cholesterol test kits in the hopes that they will be able to monitor their cholesterol without having to visit their doctor on a regular basis. With these kits they will be able to know what they can eat and when they have pushed things too far.

As popular as these kits are many people still doubt whether or not they are as effective as some physicians and users say that they are. The type of kits that are available to the public will vary. Some are used to measure the total amount of cholesterol that is contained within the body. Others will measure just the HDL or LDL cholesterol.

A number of experiments and tests have been conducted and have shown that these can help people and they are fast and efficient. However, like with any type of cholesterol tests (those done at home or by your doctor) the results can be off – even if only by a small amount. It is obvious that having your doctor and a trained lab technician perform the test for you is going to give you the most accurate results possible.

These home tests will give you a partial result – but will not be able to give you some vital information to show you just how bad or good your cholesterol might be. In most cases these can be used to tell you whether or not you should be making a visit to your doctor.

For the most accurate results you need to fast and do the necessary things that you would do to take a normal test. Before you purchase a home test speak with your doctor and ask them to recommend the best type. Also ask them when it is the best time to check your levels and what you should to prepare yourself.