How Home Cholesterol Tests Work

Home cholesterol tests were approved by the FDA in 1993 and are used to measure the total amount of fat that is contained in the body’s bloodstream. There are several different types of tests that will measure all of the cholesterol contain within the body, including the good and the bad. Others are used to just determine the amount of one particular type.

When using these home cholesterol test you have to prick your finger with the lancet that comes with the kit and place a drop of your blood on a small piece of paper. This paper has unique chemicals on it that will help to determine the amount of cholesterol. The results could take as long as ten minutes.

There are several different methods used to show you when the test is complete and what the results mean. In some tests the chemicals on the paper will change the color of it. In others the result will appear on the small screen. The latter form is usually the quickest and can be complete in as less as a minute.

For the most accurate results you will need to fast before taking the test like you would for a test at the doctor’s office. Avoid eating foods that have high amounts of cholesterol at least a week before you plan on taking the home test. However, do not change your whole diet too drastically. The point of the test is to see whether or not you need to alter what you eat and how you live.

You will want to begin too fast at least ten to twelve hours before the test. Make sure to drink water so you are kept well hydrated. This should not alter the results in anyway.

These home cholesterol tests are a guideline for people to use – but will not provide you with the most accurate results. It is best to use these to help keep you on track. If you get a result that could be potentially bad for your health, you should make an appointment with your doctor. They will compare their results with that of the device and help to determine the state of your health.